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Desktop and Server Support

It’s what Salt City Technology has been doing since 2013.

Thanks to desktop computers, mobile or tablet devices and office phones, the demands placed on your time by IT and telecommunications devices can quickly add up. And if you’re anything like the average business owner, this is time you simply don’t have – you need to be focusing on growing your company, not constantly fixing technology. That’s where the team of experts at Salt City Technology comes in.

Our proactive approach to IT management relieves you of your technology woes. No matter which systems and devices your staff use, or even where they are located, we provide day-to-day support that prevents problems from cropping up, and quickly resolves any issues that do slip through the cracks. Our proven methodologies ensure our clients experience less downtime and enjoy greater productivity and in turn greater success. Best of all, we do all of this for a flat monthly fee – so your bank balance benefits too.


With Office 365, Microsoft is working to deliver the most comprehensive set of productivity, collaboration, analytics, security, and compliance capabilities ever. Office 365 is also the best entry point to the cloud marketplace, helping many IT shops get their foot in the door as trusted managed services providers. Plenty of businesses of every size need your help to onboard their users and provide ongoing managed services.

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